The Summerhouse Project

OK so this is not the sort of thing I usually blog about but we are in the process of building a summerhouse in our garden. The idea was conceived following a recent trip to Andalusia where we sat outside every evening on a covered patio overlooking the Mediterranean, only to return home to the endless rain of Surrey.

I know South-East England is not Andalusia but basically, we want somewhere to sit which gives us the feeling of being outside even if it’s pouring with rain. The bottom of our garden seemed like an ideal spot to locate a summerhouse. Essentially it’s a bit of a dead space, with a line of overly tall pine trees. We had a look around at a range of summerhouses, which all seemed incredibly expensive so we decided to build our own over a few weekends. I say ‘we’, principally it’s my husband who is doing the building.

Feeling very enthusiastic and inspired, we have begun to prepare the site. We’ve had to put up a makeshift waterproof shelter because it is impossible to work in the wet weather  we’ve been having. We have managed to lay the foundations and I hope to be able to report on our progress in a few weeks time.

This is the plan…..

And this is what it looks like at the moment…