My favourite Open Educational Resources

1              Enhancing modern language teaching: student participation and motivation – Antonio Martinez-Arboleda

This resource provides advice on motivating language learners (both intrinsic and extrinsic motivation are covered) in the higher education classroom as well as tips on managing language anxiety and increasing student involvement in lessons.

2              OERs from OpenLives: Learning insights from the voices of Spanish émigrés – Irina Nelson

The Open Lives project publishes oral testimonies from Spanish émigrés who left Spain during the Civil War and is a great example of how OERs can help to give a voice to people’s experiences.

3              Transition Materials: Moving from A-level to degree level – Kat Stevenson

These resources are designed to help language students make the transition from school/college to university and include coverage of dictionary skills, research skills, reading strategies, academic writing, taking notes and referencing. The materials are available in French, German and Spanish.

4              Language Café Handbook – Alison Dickens

This handbook provides everything you need for setting up a language café or a similar informal language learning group in a library, bookshop, café etc. It includes ideas for getting a group started and also for generating publicity.

5              Short stories for children – Billy Brick

This collection of materials helps undergraduate students plan and create stories for children. Materials cover themes such as plot, character, planning etc.