Reflections on the footie season from a Chelsea fan

It goes without saying that this has not been our best season. After all the excitement of winning the Double last year, it has been really disappointing coming away without a trophy. It was all rather summed up in our miserable draw with Newcastle in the last home game of the season when they equalised in injury time and we all felt so deflated. Our defence of the title had all started so well last summer before we suffered such a catastrophic and prolonged loss of form. The sacking of Ancelotti is a sad but predictable outcome. Whilst it was unquestionably painful losing out to Man U in both the Premiership and the Champions’ League, I have been encouraged by the fight back the players staged over the last few months. In March the prospect of not qualifying for the Champions’ League was a real possibility and I would not have believed it possible that we would end up giving Man U a run for their money. So yes, it has been a let down after the heady Double days of last May but finishing second is better than we could have hoped for a few months ago.

My player of the season as a whole has been Petr Cech but my player of the last few months has undoubtedly been Didier Drogba who put us back in the fight.