The latest interesting Open Educational Resources (OERs)

This is a selection of recent OERs from the LanguageBox and Humbox. They cover a variety of themes including plagiarism, open educational resources, open access to languages research and getting employers involved in curriculum design

1             Plagiarism and Referencing

(Richard Galletly, Aston University)

This is a really useful presentation for anyone teaching first-year university students. It explains what plagiarism is, why students sometimes use it and how to avoid it. It also includes good advice for referencing and citing work.

2             Creating and sharing OERs through LanguageBox: a community-based repository

(Bianco Belgiorno-Appleyard, University of Southampton)

This presentation from the LLAS E-learning symposium is a helpful introduction to the FAVOR (Finding a Voice through Open Resources) Project, which provided training for language tutors to publish existing language teaching resources as OERs and to produce new digital materials.

3             No Open Learning without Open Access: a Portal for open access research into teaching modern languages

(John Canning, University of Southampton)

This presentation also comes from the E-learning symposium and is about the author’s journey in setting up an open access database of research articles related to teaching and learning modern languages. It is very useful for people who are interested in this research but who don’t work in universities

4       Piloting employer input into curriculum design

(Antonío Martínez-Arboleda, University of Leeds)

This is a very interesting take on OERs and is a presentation from a recent Higher Education Academy sponsored conference at the University of Leeds: Employability: Addressing the Gulf between Academic, Student and Employer Perspectives. It relates to findings from the OU SCORE Project and for more information on this, see Antonio’s other resource