On (not) finding time to write

As someone who teaches on academic and research skills training programmes for postgraduate students, I spend a lot of my time advising students on strategies for writing – including getting started with writing, keeping going with writing, fitting short bursts of writing into a busy schedule, prioritising writing and so on. Some of these are strategies which I have made use of myself and I have found them to be helpful e.g. the Pomodoro Technique and I have commented on these before. Unfortunately, the reality is that I find it extremely difficult to make time for writing that isn’t a 100% compulsory part of my job. In other words, I’m not that great at following my own advice. The writing that I absolutely have to do like project and evaluation reports for funding bodies gets done. It’s the other stuff like completing a paper for a journal or writing a project proposal (useful and interesting but not totally necessary) that I find hard to fit in. Sometimes I am too busy with more urgent tasks, other times I get distracted by incoming emails or people coming to talk to me. Writing requires focused attention and if it’s late in the day, I can be too tired to concentrate. Yet when I get down to it, I really enjoy writing and always have ever since I was a primary school kid. I have come to the conclusion that for me, the best piece of advice I have come across is to allocate time to writing from Silva’s book How to write a lot: A practical guide to academic writing and it only works if the time I allocate is in the morning before I begin to look at emails. So that is what I have started trying to do – allocating a short period of time to writing several mornings each week. I plan to try and update this blog with my progress.


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