Language Show Live October 2012

I went to the Language Show Live on Sunday. I was working on the Routes into Languages exhibition stand together with Sarah Schechter from Routes East. We had a really interesting day chatting to MFL teachers (including some of the Twitterati), language students and other visitors who came by to talk to us and to find out what Routes is all about. There was considerable interest in Routes into Languages activities and resources. The Language Factor Song Competition  run by Routes London seemed to inspire many teachers as did the World Festivals Wall Planner from the LLAS team and an A-level German resource, die Mauer about the Berlin Wall which has been produced by Routes Yorkshire and the Humber. Although many of the visitors to our stand were familiar with Routes into Languages, there were lots of new faces too.

I also managed to take a look around at other exhibitors – there were some excellent resources on display and in particular, the EU stand opposite us was buzzing with excitement. Towards the end of the day, I attended a fascinating session run by Jenny Turner on making apps. All in all it was definitely a worthwhile day.


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