Encouraging undergraduate research in languages, linguistics and area studies

The latest (and fifth) edition of Debut: The Undergraduate Journal of Languages, Linguistics and Area Studies is now available online: http://www.studyinglanguages.ac.uk/student_voices/debut_spring_2012

It includes a thought-provoking editorial ‘Are some topics off limits for undergraduate research?’ by my colleague, John Canning http://www.johncanning.net/ as well as articles on the following topics:

  • Rumpelstiltskin & Co: Characteristics and Requirements of Children’s Literature in Translation (Stefanie Müller)
  • An investigation into pragmatic functions of discourse markers ‘you know’, ‘right’ and ‘so’ in non-native/non-native interaction in English (Vlad Mackevic)
  • The Che of The Motorcycle Diaries: Kerouacian rebel or Marxist revolutionary?
    (Ian David Martin)
  • A survey of young British people’s attitudes towards the learning of the UK’s regional languages (Florien Briet)

It’s great to see undergraduates engaging with the peer review process and getting their work published. I found Briet’s survey on attitudes to heritage languages particularly interesting – this is definitely a topic that warrants investigation.

Previous editions of Debut include papers on a huge variety of topics ranging from ‘What is Spanglish?’ to ‘Using podcasts to teach English.’ All editions can be accessed here: http://www.studyinglanguages.ac.uk/student_voices/debut


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